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Data-Driven Analytics with Tableau

Enabling Analytics to all levels of business stakeholders creates valuable business insights to them on a timely basis so as critical business decisions can be made without delay.
Build a Data Culture to Accelerate a Data-driven Organisation

MyAdamas believes that promoting a data culture within a client organisation will have a direct impact to the way how business decisions can be derived in the long run. The journey starts with the encouragement to all key business stakeholders to use data that is captured within and outside their organisation, to be woven into the operation, mindset and identity of their organisation. This drives valuable business insights when proper data correlation and a robust data interactive solutions are used. Key decision makers at all levels can ask questions, challenge ideas, and probe into exceptions, where traditionally this is not possible.

“Our Sales Revenue has increased 35% this quarter but I’m unable to get the timely details of which are the top 10 products that are contributing to that top line number. We are also struggling to understand which are the products that are contributing negative margins to our bottom line though sales numbers appeared to be healthy. We always only see one-side of the picture.”

Analytics is a disruptive technology and they enable the extraction of high-quality, timely and actionable insights to help leaders make better-informed decisions. Extracting value from data to drive intelligent business decisions requires a cultural shift within a business to institutionalize analytics-based decision management. The new analytics leader needs to be able to lead and inspire high-performing teams of decision scientists, be a visionary thought leader, and influence the organization with strategic high-quality predictive analytics. This blends the art and science of analysing data in deriving meaningful conclusions and thus creating a data-driven organisation. And this is what MyAdamas Technologies do in fulfilling our client’s data-driven vision.

*Source: IDC Whitepaper Sponsored by Tableau, How Data Culture Fuels Business Value in Data-driven Organisations, DOC. #US47605621, May 2021.

Why MyAdamas Partners with Tableau?

Our answer to the above question is simple. Tableau is the broadest and deepest, end-to-end data and analytics platform made available to our clients to use and deploy very quickly. Tableau ensures the responsible use of data and drive better business outcomes with fully-integrated data management and governance, visual analytics and data storytelling, with collaboration—all with Salesforce’s industry-leading Einstein (for predictive analytics) built right in one platform.

MyAdamas strives to lead in the New Age of Intelligence offering a whole new view of business intelligence, transforming the way people view their business and making their daily decisions. Our core values on success has always been putting priority to harmonise Data, People, Process, Technology and Business Strategy. These pillars determine the organisation wide data-driven strategy in the long run.

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